A Tale of Wizards and Song (alpha):

  This is a (slightly corrected) release announcement for the SWIM3 Floppy Driver for Mac OS X and Darwin. This driver was announced on April 1, 2002.

Once upon a time, in a Multicolored Kingdom, there lived a great wizard. His name was the Woz. The Woz begat a machine -- the Integrated Woz Machine. Others saw what the Woz had done, and saw that it was good. And yea though the technology was old and crusty, it was fast and compact. And so it was that in the fifth year, from the Integrated Woz Machine was built the Super Woz Integrated Machine. And the engineers looked upon what they had done and saw that it was good.

And at that time, in the Multicolored Kingdom, the inhabitants were writing a great work of music called Copland. A single verse of the Copland could be used to tame the Super Woz Integrated Machine. Time passed and Copland was forgotten, and the inhabitants of the Multicolored Kingdom began work on a new piece: a Rhapsody. But the designers of this Rhapsody did not tame the Super Woz Integrated Machine, but rather took the verse from the Copland, and in so doing, mastered it.

Then something entirely unexpected happened. One of the original Copland composers looked to days of yore and lost the ancient melody. The verse of power fell into new hands. And so it was that the child of OSF gained the verse. But the verse had a mind of its own. It would not be content until it once again could be played in harmony with the works of the Multicolored Kingdom from whence it was forged. And thus, we present our gift to you.


A Gift from the MkLinux Team
brought to you by
David Gatwood and Louis Gerbarg