A Tale of Wizards and Song (alpha):


Known Bugs:


We are rolling an updated version of the floppy driver, in large part due to a data corruption bug. We uncovered the fix for this bug while comparing our version of the core code against the Mac OS X Server 1.0 version of the core code. (Both were derived from the same Copland driver source.)

While this bug is extremely rare, failures consistent with this bug have been detected in lab testing when running newfs_hfs. It is relatively unlikely that this will occur in the normal use of the filesystem, as a very specific series of operations must occur in just the right order. PLEASE upgrade to 0.95 or later if you use floppies without write-protecting them.

Powerbook floppy drive must be inserted into bay before booting.:

This is also not really a bug in the floppy driver. The Apple Heathrow driver does not change media bay power states unless an ATA device is present. This needs to be fixed in AppleHeathrow; any workaround that we could put in the floppy driver would involve twiddling Heathrow bits behind the system's back, which is not appropriate. A fix has been submitted to Apple for consideration. If you want to roll your own fix in the interim, please contact us for the details of the one-line change.

Powerbook 2400 and 3400 are not supported.:

The Powerbook 2400/3400 support is technically not a bug in the driver. The platform expert deliberately throws away the media bay and all devices below it. This is not a bug that can be worked around in the driver because the driver does not even get loaded on these machines. The platform expert itself needs to be fixed in order for the floppy drive to be usable. Work is in progress to fix this problem.