A Tale of Wizards and Song (alpha):

  This software is provided as-is with NO WARRANTY. Use it AT YOUR OWN RISK. It has not been thoroughly tested, and could crash your machine or cause data loss. By using this driver, you take full responsibility for the consequences of that use and indemnify everyone else on the planet Earth for any damages reesulting out of said use.

By using this driver, you also bear the responsibility of reporting any problems other than those on the known bugs list. Do NOT report these to Apple Computer, Inc. This driver was not created by them, and they will not help you find problems with it. Report bugs on the darwin-development mailing list. You can find information about this list at http://www.lists.apple.com.

By using this driver, you also agree to abide by all applicable licenses in the various parts of the source codde. Parts of this code are under a BSD license, parts under the APSL, and parts under the MkLinux Public Source License.